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1st January 2007

6:28pm: Theatre I've Seen
Theatre I've Seen

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10:27am: Theatre in 2006
Two years ago, i figured out Livejournal was a great way to keep track of all the theater i've seen this year. Each time i went to the theater, i would comment on a private entry with the date and title. In total, i went to the theater 52 times this year. That averages out to once a week, which was my goal.

So, here is that entry, so you can see what i saw.

Alex's Theater Goings in 2006

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17th October 2006

12:13am: Boy In the Bubble
So, I got cast in


It's a really big deal, but i don't know how to explain. It's the next American Music Theater Project. Just go here: http://www.newstage.northwestern.edu/

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27th September 2006

1:17am: I got cast fall quarter freshman year
So . . . i got cast . . .in a musical . . . fall quarter . . . of my freshman year.

oh . . .my . . . god . . . . oh . . .my . . .god.

I am Eddie/Dr. Scott in the Rocky Horror Show!!!!!

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14th September 2006

7:58pm: I'm Finally Here
1st Audition at College:

Open Dance Call.


Placement in Advanced Tap Class!

1 for 1, kids. 1 for 1!

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31st August 2006

11:30pm: The Highlight of my Day
14-Year-Old Little Girl at the Orthodontist's office: Everyone at my school is getting their braces OFF!
Me: Everyone at my school is 20.
Little Girl: Yea well, at least you haven't had braces for Six years!
Me: At least your braces won't prevent you from getting laid.

(I walk away)

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30th August 2006

4:09pm: I just want to go to College
How bored is Alex? So bored that he's updating his livejournal.

I want to go to college.
Why can't I go to College yet.
What am i going to do for another week and a half!?!?!


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17th June 2006

6:39am: Four Year Qualifier
Off to my last Forensics Tournament Ever to be with my favorite people ever for the last time.

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11th June 2006

1:48pm: My FINAL Tony Predictions
I know . . . you don't care. But here they are:

Musical: The Drowsy Chaperone (I know that's a bold prediction)
Play: The History boys
Musical revival: Sweeney Todd
Play Revival: Awake and Sing!

Actor in a Play: Richard Griffiths
Actress in a Play: Cynthia Nixon
Actor in a Musical: John Lloyd Young (Though i want Michael Cerveris to win)
Actress in a Musical: Patti LuPone

Featured Actor in a Play: Samuel Barnett
Featured Actress in a Play: Frances de la Tour
Featured Actor in a Musical: Jim Dale
Featured Actress in a Musical: Beth Leavel

Director of a Play: Nicholas Hytner
Director of a Musical: John Doyle
Coreographer: Kathleen Marshall

Score: The Drowsy Chaperone
Book: The Drowsy Chaperone
Orchestrations: Sarah Travis

Sets of a Play: Rabbit Hole
Costumes of a Play: Seascape
Lighting of a Play: Awake and Sing!

Sets of a Musical: The Drowsy Chaperone
Costumes of a Musical: The Drowsy Chaperone
Lighting of a Musical: Tarzan

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21st May 2006

5:54pm: c/o 2010!
Yup. Just Graduated.

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17th May 2006

4:20pm: Now, I'm as cool as Dana
So, i won a Cappie last night for best featured actor in a play. It was a lot of fun.

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16th May 2006

9:23am: Better than last year!

I accurate predicted 78% of the tony nominations. I completely filled the categories of Best New Musical, Musical Revival, Play, Actress in a Musical. Direction of a Play, Direction of a Musical, and Coreography.


I accurate predicted 80% of the tony nominations. I completely filled the categories of Best New Musical, Musical Revival, Play, Play Revival, Actor in a Musical. Direction of a Play, Direction of a Musical, and Coreography, Book of a Musical, Original Score, Orchestrations, Supporting Actress in a Musical, and Costume Design of a Play.

And don't worry, i know that i am the only person who cares.

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8:32am: Before the announcements . . .
My final predictions for nominations for the 2006 Tony Awards

New Musicals
Drowsy Chaperone
Jersey Boys
The Color Purple
The Wedding Singer

Sweeney Todd
The Pajama Game
The Threepenny Opera

New Plays
Rabbit Hole
Shining City
The History Boys
The Leutenent of Inishmore

Play Revivals
Awake and Sing!
Faith Healer
The Constant Wife

Actor in Play
Gabriel Byrne
Ralph Fiennes
Richard Griffiths
Brian O'Byrne
Anthony Sher

Actress in Play
Judy Kaye
Lisa Kron
Cynthia Nixon
Julia Roberts
Frances Sternhagen

Actor in Musical
Michael Ceveris
Harry Connick Jr
Stephen Lynch
Bob Martin
Stephen Lynch

Actress in Musical
Sutton Foster
Maria Friedman
Patti LuPone
Kelli O'Hara

Direction of Play
Robert Falls
Nicholas Hytner
Wilson Milam
Bartlett Sher

Direction of Musical
John Doyle
Kathleen Marshall
Des McAnuff
Casey Nicholaw

Rob Ashford
Kathleen Marshall
Casey Nicholaw
Sergio Trujillo

Book of Musical
Drowsy Chaperone
The Color Purple
Jersey Boys
The Wedding Singer

Drowsy Chaperone
The Color Purple
The Wedding Singer
The Woman in White

Drowsy Chaperone
Sweeny Todd
The Pajama Game
Jersey Boys

Supporting Actor/Play
Samuel Barnett
Dominic Cooper
Ian McDiarmid
Stephen Campbell Moore
Mark Ruffalo

Supporting Actress/Play
Tyne Daly
Frances De La Tour
Jayne Houdyshell
Cherry Jones
Zoe Wannamaker

Supporting Actor/Musical
Danny Burstein
Jim Dale
Manoel Feliciano
Christian Hoff
Daniel Reichard

Supporting Actress/Musical
Carolee Carmello
Felicia P Fields
Megan Lawrence
Beth Leavel
Elizabeth Mendes

Scenic Design of a Musical
Sweeney Todd
The Wedding Singer
The Drowsy Chaperone

Costume of a Musical
Pajama Game
Drowsy Chaperone
Wedding Singer
The Color Purple

Lighting of a Musical
Sweeney Todd
Threepenny Opera
Jersey Boys

Scenic Design of a Play
Awake and Sing
Rabbit Hole
Luetenant of Inishmore

Costume of a Play
Awake and Sing
The Constant Wife

Lighting of a Play
Awake and Sing
Lieutenant of Inishmore
Faith Healer
History Boys

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11th May 2006

3:10am: I forgot to go to sleep again
Put your music player on shuffle.
2.) Press forward for each question.
3.) Use the song title as the answer to the question.
4.) Don't be petty enough to cheat on something as ridiculous as an online "meme" determined completely by chance, please.

1.) How am I feeling today?
”A Friend to Me” – Best Little Whorehouse in Texas (Hmm . . . I guess that makes sense)

2.) Where will I get married?
”She’s Got That Thing” – High Society (That doesn’t make sense)

3.) What is my best friend's theme song?
”Life Is” – Zorba (aww, except I don’t have ANY optimistic friends, no offense, Jo)

4.) What was highschool like?
”Under the Sea” – The Little Mermaid (I think that’s pretty appropriate!)

5.) What is the best thing about me?
”Keep It Gay” – The Producers (Heeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyy!!!!)

6.) How is today going to be?
”What could be better” – Baby (Well, that bodes well!)

7.) What is in store for this weekend?
”Today 4 U” – Rent (Chelsea, I guess your dressing as a dragueen for prom!)

8.) What song describes my parents?
”Century Plant” – Camp (Not quite)

9.) How is my life going?
”Leavin Town” – 3hree (YES!!! That’s so funny)

10.) What song will they play at my funeral?
”Ya Never Know” – Little Shop of Horrors

11.) How does the world see me?
”Speaking French” – Lucky Stiff (I guess I don’t make sense to anyone)

12.) What do my friends really think of me?
”Unusual Way” – Nine (Fitting. Nice)

13.) Do people secretly lust after me?
“La vie Boheme” – Rent (is that a yes?)

14.) How can I make myself happy?
”Dividing Day” _ The Light in the Piazza (well, I knew that already)

15.) What should I do with my life?
”Princess” – A Man of no Importance (Grrrrreat . . . . another gay joke from itunes)

16.) Will I ever have children?
”Chitty Chitty Bang Bang” – Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (Yes! A flying car!)

17.) What is some good advice?
”And the Money Kept Rolling In” – Evita (well, it’s a good thing Pines is going to Wharton)

18.) What do I think my current theme song is?
”Spanish Rose” – Bye Bye Birdie (Ole!)

19.) What does everyone else think my current theme song is?
”Steam Heat” – Pajama Game (actually, I am in a bit of a dry spell)

20.) What type of women do you like?
”Ruthless” – Ruthless (HAHAHAHAHA)

21.) Will you get married?
”Rosie” – Bye Bye Birdie (How rude!)

22.) What should I do with my love life?
”Kansas City” – Oklahoma (nononononono . . . New York City)

24.) Where will you live?
“Don’t Rain on my Parade” – Funny Girl (So . . . nowhere with hurricanes. Awesome)

25.) What will your dying words be?
”Dance: Ten, Looks: Three” (Oh those tits and ass!)

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3rd May 2006

11:00pm: I was tagged
1. I am virtually done with school. A few AP exams left and i am done. I have an orange folder again. Not the "Most Important Folder of my Life" folder, but a new "To Do List" folder, stuffed with forms and invitations. That, and my planner, won't leave my side until June. It's time to start wrapping things up and winding things down. It's strange. As Katie and I spoke, there are a lot of things that happened this year that will make saying goodbye to U-School just a little bit easier. But still hard. I know that time will test my friendships. I will be realistic. I will expect to be dissapointed. But i will be loved. And i will love.

2. Seussical was this past weekend. It was my official farewell to University School Performing Arts. Cappies are in two weeks, then the Banquet the week after. Let's hope i can have one last huzzah, whatever that means, in which ever form i am given it. Maybe i'll be kissed. My Last U-School Bio was different from all others:

Alex Weisman (Director) has favorite USPA memories: Oliver with Trev & Anna, the OUM sextet, Hook’s entrance, Coldstones w/ AJA, MOA meatloaf, Godspell’s Center Circle, M&Ms in Grover’s Corner, Sir Tubby of Lard, dancing with Dara, being in a wheelchair for Man auditions, not getting the lead, tap dancing, directing, being a romantic lead, barfing through Mainstage, Atlanta ’03, Milwuakee ’05, Boston ’06, 3 Cappie Noms, 12 Obies, 15 shows, learning the meaning of friendship, loving & being loved, having amazing friends, sharing my life with audiences. Living. Loving. Being. Playing.

Special bonus points to anyone who can explain the references. You'll be surprised by some of them.

These were my director's notes for the Artsbill:

What does it mean to be the misfit? To be an elephant that everyone laughs at for hearing voices? To be the WHO whose parents punish for thinking creative thoughts and having an imagination? To be the girl with the least feathers? To be the boy who tries out for the musical rather than the soccor team? Being a misfit means being isolated by your surrounding peers, as Jojo, Horton, and Gertrude are. And nothing is more isolating than adolescence.

Through this mentorship program, we as Upper Schoolers have created an environment that shows our students that it's okay to be themisfit. That it's okay to hear voices or have only one feather on your tail! What we have learned from this show is that in the same way thinking becomes a bond for Jojo and Horton, art has become a bond for us. Through this bond, we create a place, like Jojo's Solla Sollew, where we are able to be ourselves and know that, through our art, anything IS possible.

Liek Gertrude, the awkward girl CAN be a leading lady. Like Horton, the "largest of all" CAN find true love. Like Jojo, the freethinkger CAN be himself. We can do anything we set our mind to if we let ourselves. Art can help us escape, express, illuminate, create, and most importantly, bond together

3. I started work today. For Jenny. She was very impressed at what i did in an hour and a half. I think it will be a good summer, now that i have convictions and believe in the right thing. Good to have my priorities in order going into the summer i'm going into. (De ja vu, no?)

4. I RADICALLY recut my DI for NFLs. I hope that was a good idea. Michelle made me cry talking about her ending of forensics. I realize that its coming to an end for me as well. But now, i can do what i have always wanted to do: Change the world. Even if its a little change and a little world. All i ever wanted was to do well so that i could have some authority and influence. So that i could help someone else find themself in Forensics. 25 people have applied for Interprod this year from over 9 states. That, to me, means everything in the world. The ripple is spreading, and i was there when the pebble was dropped. Hell, i am part of the pebble.

Not to mention the fourth consecutive summer of Alex and Kelly.

5. Congrats to all of the Silver Knight winners and honorable mentions from my school. I do not regret my decision, so please don't ask me about it.

6. Yes, i have high standards. In everything i do. If you dissapoint me, that's your fault, not mine. I'm done baring my soul to anyone who will listen. If i give you a peice of me, i expect something back. Stop playing with me. It's tiring, and i don't care. Thank you for having fun. You are so much fun to be around.

7. My little sister won Novice States and Stole the middle school show. I'm ready to pass the torch, now with more faith that she'll keep it burning.

8. Everything Happens for a reason. I am a survivor.

I tag . . . . . Noah, Daniel Iden, Joan Ghitis, Nicole Niefeld, Nia Maxwell

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17th April 2006

8:16pm: 4 8 15 16 23 42
i love LOST

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7th April 2006

2:47pm: Comedy Tomorrow . . .

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4th April 2006

10:40pm: Glorydays
Yesterday I cried for two hours. My first "I'm Graduating" panic attack. Student Council elections were held and i have to pass the title that i've held for two years onto someone else. And this overwhelming feeling of nostalgia and sorrow hit me and i just cried. I called Chelsea, Dr. Ellsley, Todd, and Sam.

I was nominated for a Cappie! Best Featured Actor in a Play! Huzzah!

Tomorrow I leave for Mainstage.

Friday Night is the performance in front of over 1,100 people.

Saturday night is Trinity's Prom where i will dance the night away with kelly, katy, katie, Brittany, and most importantly my lovely date and escort for the evening Emerson Middle-Name Richards. (hey, Emerson, what's your middle name?)

Sunday is ice skating with Emerson and her family and Monday and Tuesday is Alex and Noah time in Orlando!!!!!

There will be so many pictures taken in the next week that i won't know what to do with myself!

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27th March 2006

1:02am: An Update
It's been almost four months since i sat down and ACTUALLY wrote an entry.

There so much to say, and yet so little to be said.

I do Oratory now. That's been fun. Mr. A is very flattered.

I kissed a girl with no strings attached. It was fun. Awkward . . . but fun. Really awkward (but really fun).

I have some wonderful friends. Chelsea will look beautiful on my arm at prom.

Mainstage is in two weeks. I wish my legs were longer.

I am going to CFL nationals in Oratory. And after much debate (pun intended) about what i would preff, and after being Double District Champion and qualifying for my fourth year, i am going to NFL nationals in DI.

School is lousy. But tomorrow we start Hamlet, and my knees grow weak with anticipation.

Jenny Cook is a saint. Dave Kraft makes me less nervous.

I am going to be a Lab Assistant at FFI. I will be the Assistant to the Director at the National Debate Forum and a coach at Interprod.

I am going to Northwestern Univeristy next fall.

I learned one of the dances from "High School Musical."

Seussical is in a month.

I love.

Love me.

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20th February 2006

8:22pm: Guess What

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19th February 2006

10:50pm: Guess What
I finaled a Harvard . . . . .

. . . in OO

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15th February 2006

12:06am: Cappie Reviews for the Show
"But like usual, a supporting role captured the eyes of the audience. Jim's father (Alex Weisman) was outstanding. I loved every second he was on stage. His emotion and facial expressions only added to the character that he portrayed so brilliantly. one trait that Weisman had was inner monologue. You could literally tell what his character was thinking and feeling without him even speaking"

"The supporting actors also did a great job. Jim's parent's played by Alex Weisman and Danielle Fischler were especially believable."

"Alex Weisman as Mr. Stark was one of the most noteworthy characters onstage. his dramatization and depiction of Jim's father as a crowd is right on mark - he is everything Jim aspires not to be."

"Alex Weisman gave a noteworthy performance as Mr. Stark, showing a great range of emotion and believability."

"Alex Weisman (Mr. Stark) delivered a believable performance as Jim Stark's Father. he convincingly portrayed the acute friction between two generations."

"Alex Weisman gave an outstanding portrayal of the ineffectual Mr. Stark, immersing himself in the character with great attention to body language and motives."

"Another noteworthy talent came from Alex Weisman, Mr. Stark. Weisman's overindulgent loving behavior towards his son makes it uneasy to watch his downfall as a father figure and his realness onstage is unusual for a high school actor and should be commended."

"A connection could be felt between each person in the play, specifically Jason begue (Jim), Alex Weisman (Mr. Stark) and Sarah Moore (Judy). Their bond with one another created a vast and tender world for the rest of the cast to step upon." This is my favorite comment. Ironic, no!!!

"Also notable for a compelling performance was Alex Weisman as Mr. Stark. Weisman's consistent physicality and sentiment expressed his insecurities as a father and a man."

"Alex Weisman displays a true understanding of the show in his performance, capturing the gap between the youths and adults, and turning his performance into a desperate attempt to bridge that gap. What results is a masterful performance of a caliber rarely seen in high school theatre."

"Alex Weisman's nuanced portrayal of Mr. Stark, Jim's earnest yet ineffectual father, was stunning in its quiet intensity. Weisman displayed great range and extraordinary growth in the role, presenting exquisite chemistry with Begue."

"The last character who really grows on you was Mr. Stark. Jim's Father seems to be the push over kind of guy who will never get what he needs. His character grows through out the presentation and breaks through at the end for his son."

"Two actors that had a wonderful stage presence and character were Alex Weisman and Cassie Spangler. Weisman did an incredible job at developing his character, he took his character from being a weak father to a father that wanted his son's apporval and wanted to help him out in any way he could."

"Alex Weisman was spectacular as Mr. Stark, he really caught the essence of the character."

"One character stood out in particular with his incredibly believable performance and his wonderful stage presence. Alex Weisman who played Mr. Stark did an outstanding job."

"Another character that was great was Mr. Stark, played by Alex Weisman. His nervousness and cowardly actions allowed his character to be clearly represented, and helped strengthen Begue's hatred toward his family, which in turn helped the story line."

"Alex Weisman delivered a noteworthy performance as Jim's Father Mr. Stark. Weisman's character development was exceptional as he transitioned from a discomfited, spineless weakling to the beginnings of a resolute role model."

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30th January 2006

8:46pm: So, who's sexier?
Image hosting by Photobucket


Image hosting by Photobucket

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22nd January 2006

9:35pm: You might be a Broadway Musical Lover if . . .
  1. You here a phrase and can tell which musical it came from.
  2. You hear a sentence in a song, and you can't help, but to sing the rest of the song.
  3. You know all the dance steps.
  4. You do all the Dance steps.
  5. and sing, You don't care who sees you.
  6. You tell your friends a sentence, and ask them which musical, act, scene, song, it came from and which character says that line.
  7. You own more than 2 musical soundtracks, and they are so worn out, you have to replace them every 5 years.
  8. You sing instead of speaking. (constantly)
  9. You know "Timing is Everything" even in every day life.
  10. You name your pets and kids after characters on your favorite musicals.
  11. You suggest at least 2 different musicals you want to see put on stage in your community theatre, and you want to direct it, and you already have a good idea how it's going to look on stage. And you have a basic idea who are going to be your cast and crew, for every role.
  12. You are involved in 3 different community theatres, because each theatre has musicals different times of the year, so you are always involved in a musicals all year round. (no straight plays for you)
  13. You get annoyed when someone doesn't sing the correct lines, and you try to help them learn it correctly.
  14. Every Halloween you are a character from a musical, and get offended if people don't guess correctly, and if they Have no clue what that musical is after you tell them.
  15. You love to tell people your version of the Synopsis.
  16. You know what a Synopsis is.
  17. Your synopsis even include the words to every song.
  18. and who sings them.
  19. People run and hide if you say the word "Synopsis"
  20. You think $60 for a broadway ticket is worth it, and would pay again, within the same year. (especially your favorite musical)
  21. You have a website decicated to musicals.
  22. You have ONE website PER musical. (with links)
  23. You start your own Musical update Emailing list, and get upset when no one has joined, since you put it up a year ago.
  24. You don't understand how other people can't appericate GOOD music.
  25. People don't understand how you can stand GOOD music.
  26. You get offended by that remark.
  27. You take a charter bus with everyone in your commuity theatre to go to New York to see a Broadway Musical, and it's been booked in a year in advanced.
  28. You MAKE sure that trip to New York is planned out. (don't want to miss that opportunity)
  29. You cried when your Favorite musical doesn't play on Broadway anymore
  30. You get excited, because in a few years, you can have it put on in your own Community theatre. (look at #11)

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18th January 2006

7:03pm: E-mail me!
So, now I have my official E-Mail Address that i will be using for the next four years. No more, temporary address.

To celebrate, please FLOOD my Inbox with e-mails. Send me anything, a hello, a funny story, or even a joke. But send it all to:


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